The publication process begins with the submission of a manuscript.

Nexus Journals Open Access considers different types of articles, including research articles, review articles, case reports, clinical images, short communications, rapid communications, etc., that are suitable for its Open Access publication process.

Pre-quality Check:

Pre-quality check or pre-QC check is the plagiarism check implemented first after receiving a raw manuscript. Pre-Q is the primary quality check performed to ensure the novelty and quality of the manuscript. If the manuscript is found to be plagiarized, the author is asked to rewrite the content and submit it for reconsideration. Only the original manuscript is taken under the review process.

Assignment of Editorial Board (EB) member:

The pre-implemented editorial board member assigns reviewers for the manuscript. The opinion of the editorial board member for the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript will be considered as final. Based on their comments, the manuscript will be considered for reviewer assignment or rejected.

Reviewer Assignment:

The peer-review process at Nexus Journals Open Access follows a double-blind review system. Reviewers are assigned to manuscripts based on their area of expertise and the international standard. After thoroughly scanning the content, the reviewers may suggest either acceptance with revisions or rejection of the manuscript.

Resubmission of Revised Manuscript:

The revised manuscript, along with a cover letter responding to the reviewer’s comments, has been forwarded to the concerned reviewer for reassessment.

Rejected Manuscript:

After the re-evaluation, if a revised manuscript is rejected the review process will be terminated.

Multilevel Quality Check:

If accepted the manuscript is further critically analyzed based on the multilevel quality check which includes:

  • English language editing: Eliminating grammatical errors and maintaining a logical flow.
  • Technical accuracy: All the scientific terms such as nomenclatures, SI units, Formulas are carefully placed.
  • Manuscript formatting: Style and consistency of the article is modified in accordance to the journal’s standard.
  • Quality check of Figures, Tables and Graphs and other attachments.

Designing Process:

The final PDF is prepared with the coherence of the Nexus Journals article format by the PDF department.

Proofs Finalization:

The final PDF is finalized by the editorial office and with the verification and approval of the author the article is ready to be published.

Publish Online:

After a quick scan into the final edited article, the article will be published in full text, PDF and XML format.

Submission and Review Process: