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Journal of Endocrine Care International Peer-reviewed Open Access journal presenting original research contributions and scientific advances in the field of Endocrinology and Diabetes. This includes all broad research areas. This journal provides a platform for basic and translational scientists and clinicians. Original research articles and reviews that provide insight into the endocrine system and its associated diseases at the molecular, biochemical, and cellular levels are published in the journal. In addition to promoting information in Endocrinology and Diabetes, this journal facilitates peer-to-peer exchange of scientific literature. Furthermore, it serves as a platform for the promotion of meetings and news about recent advances in endocrinology.

In the Journal of Endocrine Care, high-impact clinical research and opinion are published worldwide in a global, authoritative, and independent forum covering all aspects of Endocrinology, Abdomen, Pelvic cavity, Adrenal glands, Adrenal cortex, Adrenal medulla, Adrenaline, Anatomy, Anterior pituitary, Artery, Autonomic nervous system, Blood pressure, Brain, C-peptide, Calcium, Central nervous system, Circadian rhythms, Circulatory System, Cortex, Cortisol, Diabetologist, Diabetes mellitus, Diabetic neuropathy, Diabetic retinopathy, Diagnosis, DPP-4 Inhibitor, Pituitary Conditions, Reproductive Conditions, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Endocrine system, Endocrinology, Endocrinologist, Enzymes, Estrogen, Exocrine glands, Follicle-stimulating hormone, Gamete, Gland, Glucocorticoid, Glucose, Goiter, Gonads, Gonadotropins, Graves’ disease, Growth hormone, Gynecomastia, Hashimoto’s disease, Heart, Heart rate, Hirsutism, Hormone, Hyperglycemia, Hyperthyroidism, Hypoglycemia, Hypothalamus, Hypothyroidism, Immune, Immune system, Insulin, Kidneys, Lobe, Luteinizing hormone, Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone, or gonadotropin-releasing hormone, Medulla, Melatonin, Menarche, Menopause, Menstruation, Metabolism, Muscle, Neck, Neuroendocrine integration, Organ, Osteoporosis, Oxytocin, Pancreas, Parathyroid glands, Parathyroid hormone, Pediatrics, Pineal gland, Pituitary, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Posterior pituitary, Prediabetes, Progesterone, Prolactin, Pubic symphysis, Renin-angiotensin system, Retroperitoneal space, Scrotum, Somatostatin, Sperm, Steroids, Stomach, Stress, Testes, Testosterone, Thalamus, Thermostat, Thyroid, Thyroid hormones, Thyroiditis, TSH, Uterus, Vasopressin

A major focus of the journal is the endocrine glands, their secretions, and their interaction with metabolism and reproduction. As part of the journal, new techniques in diabetic research, such as organ transplantation, tissue regeneration, and therapeutic innovations for diabetes, are studied, along with symptoms, causes, pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes.

In keeping with Nexus Journals tradition of providing high-impact content that contributes to the discussion of various treatment strategies and the identification of potential diabetic agents. These journals publish reviews, commentaries, and news and views, all of which promote scientific debates within the field of diabetes research. Original research articles, as well as review articles relating to all aspects of Diabetes and Metabolism, are published.

Frequency: Quarterly

Review Process: Double-blinded peer review process

Publication Timeline: 7-14 Days peer review process

Plagiarism Policy

The articles submitted by authors must contain a minimum of 80% unique content (Which should be unique and must not copy from any other websites). The authors must maintain 100% uniqueness in the text’s results and conclusion. We will resend the articles, which have below 80% uniqueness to the authors for revision and ask for resubmissions with uniqueness (as per guidelines).

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Aim and Scope

Journal of Endocrine Care is an International Peer-Reviewed Open Access journal presenting original research contributions and scientific advances in the field of diabetes and endocrinology. Covering all broad research areas, this journal promotes information in endocrinology and diabetes and also other related sciences and enhances the exchange of scientific literature among peers. It also serves as a platform to promote meetings and news relating to advances in Endocrinology and Diabetes.

Journal of Endocrine Care is dedicated to providing a global, authoritative, and independent forum for high-impact clinical research and opinion covering all aspects of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism, Osteoporosis, Bone Metabolism, Obesity, as well as Thyroid, Lipid, Steroid hormones, Clinical chemistry and Biochemistry, Neuroendocrinology and Hypoglycemia in diabetes and adrenal disorders.

Journal of Endocrine Care focuses on addressing several features about a broad range of topics of modern endocrinology and diabetes. Topics of interest span from fundamental research, and recent developments to real-world applications of endocrinology and diabetes that include but are not limited to:

Obesity-related DiabetesEpidemiology of Diabetes
Type 1 DiabetesGestational Diabetes
Type 2 DiabetesInsulin Therapy
Adrenal Health and DiseaseRenal Failure and Impotence
Bone Health and OsteoporosisStructure and Physiochemical Properties
Cardiovascular EndocrinologyBone and Mineral Metabolism
Diabetes and Glucose MetabolismInfertility
Endocrine-Disrupting ChemicalsSexual Differentiation and Puberty
Endocrine Neoplasia and CancerDiabetes Linked obesity
Female Reproductive EndocrinologyIslets of Langerhans
HypoglycemiaDiabetic Complications
Male Reproductive EndocrinologyTherapeutic innovations of diabetes
Neuroendocrinology and PituitaryDiabetes mellitus
Obesity and Appetite RegulationDisorders of the thyroid gland
Pediatric EndocrinologyDisorders of other endocrine glands
Thyroid Disorders and CancerMalnutrition
Transgender Medicine and ResearchObesity and other hyperalimentation
Endocrine Glands and HormonesClinical study of endocrine disorders
Hormonal ReceptorsAdvanced Molecular Studies and Results
Cardiovascular DiabetologyMetabolic Disorders and Studies
Complications of Hyperglycemia and HypoglycemiaMenstrual and sexual problems
Diabetes and AlcoholHypertension and lipid disorders
Diabetes and its ComplicationsRisk Assessment and Preventions
Diabetes and Lipid MetabolismRenin–angiotensin system
Diabetes CareHypothalamic–neurohypophyseal system
Diabetes CholesterolHypothalamic–pituitary–prolactin axis
Nutrition and DiabetesMetabolic disorders
Hormone MetabolismOther nutritional deficiencies
Hormone Regulated Gene ExpressionReproductive endocrinology and infertility
Signaling MechanismsEuthyroid sick syndrome
Diabetes induced InfertilityHyperaldosteronism/Primary aldosteronism
Endocrine PharmacologyAutoimmune polyendocrine syndrome multiple
Gastrointestinal and NeuroendocrinologyDiabetic neuroarthropathy
Intracellular Steroid and Lipid MetabolismToxic multinodular goiter
Molecular EndocrinologyPolycystic ovary syndrome
Diabetic Nephropathyaromatase excess syndrome
Diabetic RetinopathyDupuytrens contracture
Gastrointestinal DisordersNecrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum
Insulin Resistance SyndromeHyperosmolar coma
Islet Transplantation 
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