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Journal of Economic and Business is a double-blind refereed open access journal that aims to further the research and disseminate research results in the area of applied business and micro/macro economic studies, including various fields of economic research, bank and financial management, business. The journal covers scholarly articles in the fields of Economics and Business, which include, but not limited to, Business, Business Law, entrepreneurship, behavioral and health economics, government taxation and regulations, Economics (Micro and Macro), Finance, Management, Marketing, financial markets, International Economics, Investment (including FDI),  and Economic Development.

The vision is to encourage the Research fraternity to share their knowledge and publish the work online, thereby bringing out a harmony among the research community. This Journal will be launched with the sole aim of serving the knowledge community involved in Research.

The journal general scope is to stimulate, promote and disseminate contemporary research that will have a significant impact on the theoretical and practical aspects of Economics, Public Organizations and Business. Academics, Policymakers, and researchers are open to submit their manuscript at any time. Papers that deal with the relation between the financial structure of firms and the industrial structure of the product market are especially encouraged.

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Explore our websites to know more about our commitment towards open access knowledge sharing and the innovative publishing methods, including author guidelines, type of articles we publish and the standard review procedures we adopt. We facilitate quick review process while adhering to quality publication standards. Upcoming researchers and scholars can explore our site to ripe the benefits of Open access knowledge sharing to promote further research and knowledge upgradation.

To provide a new publishing system that

  • Drives an increase in the quality of science world-wide
  • Disseminates science freely
  • Distills academic excellence
  • Delivers the most outstanding and relevant science to the public
  • Provides a new academic model for review

To provide an evaluation and recognition system for authors that is

  • Rapid and efficient
  • Fair and constructive
  • Rigorous and prestigious

To provide a new business model that

  • Serves publishing needs of researchers
  • Obtains sponsors to support open access research publishing
  • Aid pharmaceutical companies in reinforcing their brand messages, and to produce customized content to integrate with global and local scientific community

Submit Manuscript

The following is an invitation to article submissions

The editors of our prestigious journal are happy to invite you to submit any type of article according to your expertise. Having your contribution in the journal will enable the journal to set high standards.

Aim and Scope

The Journal’s broad scope and developmental editorial policies create accessible, thought-provoking content for the general academic business community.

Journal primarily focuses on the topics:

Agricultural Economics

Economic development, system dynamics

Business Economics

Environmental studies, urban issues, emerging markets

Demographic Economics

Empirical studies, quantitative/experimental methods

Development Economics

Operations Management


Business Economics

Economic Systems


Education Economics

Business Ethics



Hotel Management

Customer Relation


Business studies, ethics

Government regulation, taxation, law issues

Education issues, entrepreneurship, electronic markets


Services, strategic alliances

Financial markets, investment theories, banking


International economics, FDI

Behavioural and health Economics

General economics

  • Economic education and teaching of economics
  • Econometrics, statistics and mathematical methods
  • Regulation and business law
  • Economic systems
  • Banks and non-bank financial institutions
  • Insurance and insurance companies
  • Real estate markets
  • Transportation economics


  • Consumption, saving and wealth
  • Investment, capital and capacity
  • Employment and social affairs
  • Wages and income distribution
  • Human capital and labor productivity
  • Prices, business fluctuations and cycles
  • Monetary and payment systems
  • Fiscal and monetary policy
  • Globalization and the open economy
  • International trade and finance
  • International conflicts, negotiations and sanctions
  • Social security and public pensions
  • Taxation, subsidies and revenue
  • Demographic trends and forecasts
  • Mobility and immigrant workers
  • Agricultural Economics

Current issues of the global economy

  • Economic implications of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Tourism and Covid-19: unprecedented economic impacts
  • Covid-19: the great digital acceleration
  • Digital development and the fourth industrial revolution
  • Gig and sharing economy
  • E-commerce and e-business
  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Business ethics and social responsibility
  • Social sustainability and inclusion. Gender pay gap
  • Inequality, poverty and shared prosperity
  • Sustainable consumption and production


  • Consumer economics and consumer protection
  • Household saving and personal finance
  • Personal income, wealth and their distributions
  • Administrative processes in public organizations and bureaucracy
  • Effect of psychological, social and emotional factors on the economy
  • Production, pricing, market structure and design
  • Competitiveness and innovation
  • Product quality, standardization and compatibility
  • Firm organization and organization of production
  • Firm performance. Size, diversification and scope
  • Contracting out, joint ventures and technology licensing
  • Entrepreneurship and start-ups
  • Business administration
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Accounting and auditing
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